Dear Cassie...

Dear Cassie...
Dear Cassie,
I was a huge fan of your song "Me & U" in 2006. And also loved your debut album. Sure, it was 11 songs of similar beats and you (singing?) going on about wanting a man, wanting some sex and also wanting to give head. But it was the best 11 tracks of such stuff I'd heard. Your music was magic. On at least 3 occassions I'd gotten head to one of your songs.

But you need to give it up now. You suck. I'm sure you've heard this before from n***a's you've met. But I mean, you really do suck. As in you can't sing, you can't dance; you can't do a damn thing but whisper over beats that are way too good for you, and look really really pretty.

The sad thing, is that you know you're pretty crap at being a music artist, or even being relevant. This was clear when you went and put a MacBook in-between your legs to take a picture, leak it on the Internet, and then blame Gmail. Girl, please. I've got a folder full of pictures of my willy and my crack all up in my Gmail, and ain't nobody else seen them pictures but me. You need to stop frontin'.

I think you should take it in your best interest to bow out of the music game. Electro love ain't happenin' It's a wrap. The only electro love fans will be gettin' is from vibrators and Nintendo Wii remotes. I won't front: I thought "Thirsty" was bangin'! I still play the song now. But you need to just call it like it is, and just scrap the damn album. How many singles, leaks and years has it been since it was supposed to drop!?

I say you just keep on the vocation you started with: modelling. Because whilst your singing career is in no way guaranteed, a modelling career certainly is. If I had to pick which n***a's trophy broad to look at between Diddy's and Kanye's - I'd pick Diddy's. Amber's got the booty, but you've got the pretty face and a dress sense that doesn't look like Kanye's dressing you in his own shit and some bits and pieces from the wardrobe of Sideshow Bob.

Go stack that modelling paper and leaving the music to bitches who can hold songs and do them justice live. Oh, and wear a wig too. That bald shit is tired now. The right side of my head gets cold just looking at yours. Come live in the UK with that hairstyle. You'd soon put on a wig and grow your shit out.

- J


  1. I've got a folder full of pictures of my willy and my crack all up in my Gmail, and ain't nobody else seen them pictures but me. You need to stop frontin'.

    Please tell me you're joking! XD

  2. Sure, Random J, but tell us how you really feel... JK

    Honestly, I think she should just give it up, because neither modelling nor singing pays the bills that she has probably stacked up (all the studio time wasted, blah blah blah!). But if she needed to stay with her strengths, her face and body are her biggest (and most beautiful) strengths. I say marry rich or sign to a reality show (hey, it worked for "Wannabe-Barbie" Heidi Montag). I will admit that I'm gonna miss a "unique" voice like hers, though.

  3. @ Junlee
    Check your inbox... *LOL*

  4. @junlee
    of course he's jocking lool

  5. Cant Diddy just marry her and spend the money on shoes and dresses instead of flop singles?!?
    She used to be so amazingly gorgeous (kanye's vid) but now she looks and probably is rinsed out lol
    Her hair colour looks NaStY and her make-up looks like she let Amber Rose loose on her lol

    p.s J make sure you keep that Gmail LOCKED DOWN #_# haha!

  6. Oh he's jocking alright. LOL!

  7. You lot don't know what you're talking about *LOL!*

  8. This is tooo much!!! I was seriously LOL real loud while reading this!


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