Esmée and Justin on the set of "Love dealer"

I thought "Love dealer" should have been a single from the beginning, because the song had single written all over it from the jump. But the long wait with its release as a single may actually be a case of good timing. Esmée features on UK rapper Chipmunk's hit single "Until you were gone", and "Love dealer" could piggyback off of its success if it's released within a good time frame.

The video looks like it's going to be crap though. I was hoping for Esmée to get a rinsed like mouthwash K-Pop style video thrown at her for the song. I'm talkin' shiny ass floors, lots of lights, a dance routine, fly fashion and a couple o' wind machines. But instead it looks like it's going to be her walking down a street and singing on a rooftop with Justin Timberlake.

Esmée's people should strongly consider dropping "Victim" after this. As that is another contender for a strong single off of her debut.

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  1. tbh im over esme...
    when she first came out i LOVED "get me outta here" but then the next single wasnt that good and the video was lame.
    I prefer girls like Joss Stone.

  2. "Love dealer" is a jam though. And "Bigger than the world" is just crack. No matter how many times I hear that song I just stay in love with it.


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