Fergie looking like Mickey Rourke on the cover of Elle

Fergie graces Elle magazine [image courtesy of justjared.com]
Fergie is NOT looking hot on this magazine cover. She needs to Stone cold stunner whoever did the Photoshop job on her face, because she looks like that dude who was in The Wrestler.

Fugly Ferg has one of those unfortunate faces that does not look good when caught off guard and shot from any old angle - but she's been looking pretty hot during The Black eyed peas The E.N.D run. I thought she looked stunning in the video for "Meet me halfway" and she was workin' it out in Kumi Koda's video for "That ain't cool". But unfortunately Elle's camera man caught Fergie from a bad side and the re-toucher just added insult to injury.

I wonder if Fergie plans to release another solo album. The dutchess was garbage, but that album pushed big units!


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