Crystal Kay's Flash tracklist. 10th anniversary tour DVD set-list. LP hopes dashed.

'Flash' tracklist & 10th anniversary tour DVD setlist
The set list for Crystal Kay's 10th anniversary tour DVD, as well as the tracklist for Crystal's Flash album have been released and you can peep 'em both after the jump...

Flash - CD
  1. Flash
  2. Victoria
  3. Happy
  4. Never say goodbye
  5. I pray

"Happy" is reportedly a cover of the song Michael Jackson recorded in his earlier years. And "I pray" is a song which Crystal wrote herself.

Flash is the best title this album could have gotten. Because when you play this shit, it will be a damn flash. I remember the days when singles had this many tracks on them. Now for the Live tour DVD set-list...

Crystal Kay live in NHK hall: 10th anniversary tour CK10 - DVD & Blu-ray
  • Ex-Boyfriend
  • I know
  • What time is it?
  • Girl U love
  • Tsuiki no nai yoru, michi no nai basho
  • Motherland
  • Kitto eien ni
  • Old school medley: Girl's night / Komichi no hana / Teenage universe / Make you mine
  • Darling P.P.P.
  • Deaeta kiseki
  • Koi ni ochitara
  • After Love -First boyfriend- (featuring Kaname of Chemistry)
  • Two as one (featuring Chemistry)
  • Kiss
  • Kata omoi
  • Hard to say
  • Can't be stopped
  • Over and over
  • I like it
  • One
  • Boyfriend (Part 2)

I'm sure CK fans will be scratching their head as why certain faves of theirs did not make the cut. The All yours album (the only one of which went to #1 in Japan) pretty much got neglected save for "Kitto eien ni". I would have thought "Konna ni chikaku de..." would have gotten a slot, because that is a song that will get arms swaying and lighters up in a crowd. But I guess not. It looks as though the track list is very pre Call me miss... dominant, which is fair enough given her more recent material got spotlit during her Color change! tour.

Guess we can kiss goodbye to the eleventh hour decision to drop a full length album instead. This sucks. Crystal feels like she's absent from the game due to touring, and the tour doesn't see light of day on DVD. We get teased with new songs, and we then get a best album, and then an additional CD of new material which doesn't feature "Deaeta kiseki" or "After love -First boyfriend-". We get teased again with new songs in new comercials, and then get a mini album instead!

Sony need to step their game up. If Crystal was signed to AvexTrax, bitch would've had 24 albums out already, 17 live tour DVD's and be receiving free Honda's, Panasonic camera's and clip on acrylics. Instead, she ain't getting shit but free coffee, and I bet Tully's don't even give her that!

Last time Ayumi Hamasaki went to record a mini album, she did one better and did a full length. Sure, the album was garbage. But the thought was there, and fans were more than happy. Last time Kumi Koda dropped a best album, she went and dropped it alongside a brand new studio album which came packed with it! Both bitches have had all their tours release on DVD too.

I love Crystal. But when you see how it's rolling with other chicks in the J-game, Sony's messing up on her big time. I'd love to know why despite Crystal having enough material for a long player, we're getting a mini album instead. I'mma need a full length from Crystal by the end of the year - and I'mma also need Epic to push the boat out and throw her in the studio with Rodney Jerkins, Danja and RedOne. And of course, Bloodshy & Avant. Flash had better be 5 tracks of bangers.

Thanks to PJ for the heads up on the album track list.


  1. Crystal's been jacked for years concerning her music. Her management never manages to hook her up properly! I'm glad we're getting new material though.

  2. I say somebody should f**kin take Amanda Ghost hostage until she decides to bring Kuri over here to America and drop an album.


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