The Forehead announces The last girl on earth tour

Rihanna announced her Last girl on Earth tour. Clearly having taken tips from Kanye's Glow in the dark tour, she won't be embarking on it alone, and will be tag teaming it with Ke$ha. Nicki Minaj was supposed to be involved too, but she pulled out at the last minute to focus on her solo album instead. I guess the writing was on the wall; as this video message was posted before Nicki pulled out and The Forehead doesn't mention her any way!

You could argue that both Ke$ha and Rihanna are both talentless ho's, that they just might be able to equal one half-decent artist between them, and that this shit should be called We still wouldn't be able to muster enough talent between us even if we were the last girls on Earth tour. But we've got to be real here: The Forehead is in a different league to Ke$ha. I can at least take The Forehead somewhat seriously, and I can bump her music with zero shame. But Ke$ha is a joke. I would not pay good money to watch some drunk ho thrash her ratty hair, with 76 day old glitter smeared on her face and blow sequins into the crowd.


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