The Forehead performs "Rockstar 101" on American idol

Perfume perform 'Fushizen na girl' @ Music Japan
The Forehead took to American idol to show the hopefuls how a star gets down on stage. Well...a star with as much a concept of stage presence as hair on her head. If only her live stage game was as big as her forehead: ahe'd be the best thing ever.

Somebody needs to give a bitch a Rockstar 101, and a top notch performance 101 whilst they're at it. All Rihanna did here is what she always does: look hot to death, strut up and down, flick her hair and strike a little pose. She threw a lil' impromptu guiar playing into the mix. I guess she had to really, given the name of the song and that she mentions a (no wait for it...) a black guitar. I thought the performance was as dusty as my Nintendo Wii (I ain't touched that shit in a year). She sounded good, but she didn't sell the song. A crime consdiering how hot "Rockstar 101" actually is. Go listen to the album version and make like you never watched this bullshit. You'll be better off.

The Forehead needs to start stepping up her game. Looking fly in an outfit on a stage is only one part of the equation. She needs to start using her physicality more.

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  1. i'm so sorry, but in that header pic riri looks like one of the drag queens from RuPaul's Drag Race! those eyelashes and forehead swoop are too much!

  2. this is boring. i stopped following her after good girl gone bad. "they gone forever" loved that album.


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