Girls' generation rock the house @ Chocolate

Girls' generation rock the house @ 'Chocolate
The SNSD-bots had a show dedicated all to themselves, where they threw down a slew of performances to please and titillate fans. The performances were pretty dry for the most part. But it did a great job of highlighting and validating certain members; something which doesn't always happen with their songs and music video.

Taeyeon & Tiffany cover Eurythmics "Sweet dreams"

Well this was pants. TT looked hot. Even if Tiffany did look like a cheap hostess in a bar. The best part of this whole performance was seeing the name of the song incorrectly titled as "Sweat dreams".

The SNSD-bots cover P!nk's "Get the party started"

These bitches sounded a mess. It's no surprise, given that most of the members can't sing for shit. Taeyeon and Tiffany are the only members who manages to sound decent. A couple of the others sound wrong, and rest should just do their little dance steps in the background. P!nk should set her dog f**ker on the girls for this. Make him tear their dresses to shreds how they did her song.

Hyoyeon, Yuri & Yoona dance Beyonce's "Déjà vu"

It's these little dance segways which validate Hyoyeon and Yuri. Because they cannot sing for shit, but they sure as hell can move. Yoona surprised me too. I had no idea she could get her dance on. The cameraman could have been a little less focused biased though. You barely caught any close-up's of the other 2 girls, who were looking mo' lovely and dancing mo' better.

How Hyoyeon managed to dance a routine and jump down of a chair in those heels is beyond me. She looked great though. And it was cute she knew all the words to the song and mouthed them the whole time she was dancing.

Tiffany covers Lady Gaga's "Poker face"

Tiffany is my fave member of Girls' generation, because she looks like a sex pot, and like she'd throw down in the sack and make me see heaven. Plus, her English speaking voice is just sexy to me. It's the ditzyness and husk I love. This rendition of "Poker face" was really nice. Tiffany has one of the stronger voices in the group aside form Taeyeon, but she doesn't always get her shine in songs as much as Jessica, who may as well be the leader of the group. Tiffany could come bluff me with her muffin errrrday of the week.

SNSD-bots perform their hit single "Oh!"

It feels like it's been a while since I've since the girls perform this song after watching them spam "Run Devil run" to death at every Korean music show. The editing dude in the gallery is clearly a Yoona fan, and harbours some kind of resentment toward Yuri. He pretty much cut the whole damn thing like Yuri wasn't even a part of the show! Cut a bitch out during "Deja vu" and then decided Yonna's back was better than focusing on Yuri whilst she's singing her line. Sooyoung made this performance for me though. I love her "There goes my n***a!" line.


  1. I was very impressed with their English, ok they're not as clear as Hikaru Utada but they're a lot better than the likes of Koda Kumi!

    I don't know what it is with Poker Face - I hate the original but I like it's covers, mash ups (there's one with Lava Reef music is brilliant!) and parodies (Cartman from South Park for example), and Tiffany's cover was very nice, just her voice and the guitars were lovely!

  2. *LOL @ "ok they're not as clear as Hikaru Utada but they're a lot better than the likes of Koda Kumi!"

    Jessica and Tiffany are both fluent in English for a start, which of course helps ;P

    But the thing with Korean artists / idols I've always noticed, is that whenever they sing in English, it never sounds as Engrishy at it does when Japanese artists do. It might be because of their exposure to US music and that they often perform US songs, hear them or dance to them on broadcasts and for Special stages. But it's something I've always noticed. Some idols don't even speak fluent English or even conversational English. But on songs they sound completely proficient in the language.


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