Grace Jones gots no love for Gaga

Grace Jones BITCH!
Lady Gaga's whacky style is out there and crazy, but it's nothing amazingly new under the sun given that Grace Jones had done it all before. Ever opiniated and one to speak her mind, Grace Jones gave her 2 cents on Gaga. We should all know this is not going to be nice...
I've seen some things she's worn that I’ve worn, and that does kind of piss me off.
Right to the point. Grace is pissed. I'd advise Lady Gaga to stay away from Grace, because bitch will go upside that head and spit in her face if she see's her. Funnily enough Gaga did actually ask to collaborate with Grace, but a bitch said...
No. I'd just prefer to work with someone who is more original and someone who is not copying me
Grace Jones just don't give a f**k.

Grace Jones to Gaga: "You're a copycat!" @ Toya's world


  1. She don't mince words does she, lol! I like that though. None of this PC stuff other artists do when asked about people in the game.

  2. HAHA Grace Jones is a legend! I have her last album Hurricane which is really good.
    It's true what she says though it's like gagas fans are unnawhare that there was a time before her and that women have been wearing crazy shit like that decades before she was even born!


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