Gummy teases, plagiarism looms

For the past 5 months, every time I've hit a club, I've heard the Drake, Weezy, Yeezy and Em joint "Forever", and have had one of my friends rap the whole entire song verbatim all up in my face - so I know the song pretty well. Seems like YG entertainment do too. Perhaps a little too much...

You hear that hook? Now, I was defending G-Dragon back when people started saying he ripped off Flo'Rida's "Right round" with his song "Heartbreaker". But this right here is so close to the source material in question that there ain't no skirting around it. Stans can sit down on this one, because can't nobody tell the hook on Gummy's song and "Forever" aren't similar. You'd have to be tone deaf to not hear the clear similarities.

YG entertainment aren't doin' themselves no favours. How many songs is this on the plagiarism hit list now?