Hyori does her thing on Mnet's M! countdown

Hyori does performs 'Chitty, chitty, bang, bang' Mnet's M! countdown
Hyori continues to stamp her shit down in Korea and make other bitches in the game fall right the way back, as she hit up Mnet's M! countdown to deliver another performance of "Shitty shitty bang bang".

This performance was a major upgrade from when she first performed it. But I still can't stand the song. I also stand firm with what I'd said before, that Hyuna did all this shit better when she was doing her stages for "Change". Hyori looks fly. She doesn't know how not to. Even though she looked like she had been gang raped by Edward Scissorhands, The Crow, Cerberus and 80's Madonna - she still looked hot. But her stage game just isn't that strong to me. She gets lost and forgotten about amongst the lights, the large set and the dancers, and as a result she just doesn't shine.


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