Janelle Monaé's The Archandroid trailer

I liked this. It reminded me a little of Bioshock. (Yes. J be gettin' his game on too).

I can't WAIT for this album to drop. I love absolutely loved the Metropolis suite, "Tightrope" had me shocking out in the living room of my friends' house like it was my house and other people weren't in the crib at the time and the Gnarls Barkley-esque "Cold war" has me Harlem shaking like I got me a disease.

I know Janelle will be on her A-game for this album. But I can see it going the Kid Cudi Man on the moon: End of day route.

The Archandroid will end up schooling bitches how to do a hot credible and accessible hybrid album with cross over appeal. It will be tight. It will be one of the best conceptualized albums the game has seen since the 80's. There will be minimal big name producers, but it won't mean a damn thing because the music will end up shitting on what most big name producers be putting out at the moment anyway. It will be an album that's almost too good to be a debut. It won't get a full stretch of single releases. It won't blow up. It won't go platinum. The grammy's will ignore the hell out of it.

Janelle Monaé's album will put bitches albums to shame in the same way Kid Cudi shitted on 808s & heartbreak and The Blueprint 3.

Millions won't support it. And the album is releasing through P. Diddy's label, so of course that n***a won't do a damn thing to promote the album beyond the odd Tweet about it. But I will be copping this album for sure. I just hope it gets a UK release.


  1. D-AMB! wtf that was AMAZING! im definately gonna check her out :)

  2. WOW! Creativity in music what a concept. I will also check her out.


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