Janelle's The Archandroid album cover

Janelle Monaé's 'The Archangel' album cover
It's looking like 2010 is kicking off with some slick album arts. First Christina's Bionic, now this.

I love this album cover. Very Earth, Wind & Fire and Egyptian-esque. And Janelle looks stunning. Really beautiful. It's crazy, because whilst this album cover serves its purpose behind the concept of the album, it doesn't offer any insight into Janelle musically or image wise. From the album cover you'd think Janelle Monaé was some Erykah Badu type chick who sings wearing wraps, nappy wigs and is all about the slow, old retro soul. But she's a snappily dressed funk machine of an artist.

And before anybody tries to run their mouth about how Aguilera already did this semi robotic shit. Janelle was on this whole human biotic vibe around the time Christina was working Back to basics. Siddown.


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