Jay-Z and his super special guest perform "Forever young"

Jay-Z and his super special guest perform 'Forever young'
Jay-Z did a gig at the Coachella music and arts festival and brought out a special guest to help him perform the song "Forever young" from his The Blueprint 3 album. The special guest he brought out wasn't the original featuring artist Mr. Hudson. But I don't think the crowd seemed to mind who he'd brought to take his place on the song instead...

Beyoncé!! This performance made me realize how I've been missing Beyoncé's voice for a hot minute. She needs to stay out of the game until I miss it bad, and feel like I need her back. I'm not quite at that stage yet.

Jay-Z was glowing the whole time he was performing with his wifey. He could not stop himself from grinning! Where-as Beyoncé looked almost shy and nervous, because she was eseentially putting her and Jay out there live on the stage - but it was so cute to watch. B and Jay really do make a good couple. And this performance said more than any interview could...or couldn't. You know how these two don't be talking about shit concerning their relationship.


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