Jermaine Dupri's drunk ass clowning in the studio with Mariah and Bryan Michael Cox

Laughter is infectious, and this video had me laughing all about the place. Mariah's genuine laugh, always make me laugh. But when Jermaine was killing himself with laughter so bad and the only word I could make out was "Bitches", I was dead!

Jermaine was DRUNK in that studio. I love it! It's always great when you see artists and the ever important people behind the music just doing regular shit and clowning around.

Jermaine Dupri and Mariah's friendship is more than 10 years deep and nothing but love - and this video clearly shows that. I just hope between the drinks, the laughter and the jokes that Mariah knocks out some good music. Because I'm going to need her, JD and B. Cox to deliver that hot ish they did for "100%". And somebody needs to be taking a restraining order out on Tricky Stewart and The Dream. I liked some of what they did for Memoirs of an imperfect angel. But they got their whole Mariah album gig. They need to keep it moving and let Mariah do the same.


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