Ke$ha on the set of her new music video

Ke$ha on the set of her music video 'Your love is my drug' [image courtesy of]
This right here is Ke$ha filming her music video for "Gimme the drugs", "I love drugs", "Your drugs are my drugs" or whatever the f**k her narcotic associated song is called. She doesn't look bad. Ke$ha does scrub up nicely.


  1. she'd look betta wid a cock in her mouth. she should become a A2M actress, lolzy

  2. omg she makes me vommit (glitter) lol
    She is just a waste of space and the electricity that runs her autotuner could be better spent.
    oh well, not the first time something smelling of fish has been in that net i guess :P

  3. @FUTURESTARdelux
    You're such a BITCH!! *LOL*

  4. Still looks dirty. lmao

    "I like your beard"


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