Kelis' debut performance of "Acapella" @ Jimmy Kimmel live

Kelis' debut performance of 'Acapella' @ Jimmy Kimmel live
Kelis hit up Jimmy Kimmel to perform her latest single from her Fleshtones album "Acapella". I think this song sounds like badly produced dance record. But it'll probably end up going #1 on the charts. According to Jimmy Kimmel, it's hit the top spot of one of 'em!

Kelis looked like something I took a sword to in a Legend of Zelda game once. But she sounded good. I would not have known was on that stage with her unless Jimmy had mentioned him as he introduced the performance. All the n***a did was push play on an instrumental version of her CD. But I guess it was cool for him to show his support - given he hooked her up with her record deal and all.

Kelis best not fall of with this album and make them sales. Because friendship is at stake if she doesn't.


  1. I actually really like this song and she was on amazing form, i love it when a singer performs a song as well as the studio version :P
    haha the Zelda comment made me laugh (i love that game!) but i actually like her new image it's cool, i know all the jokers are gonna start saying she copied lady gaga's image (yawn) thats getting old now, even people who've been wearing that crazy S*it for decades like Kylie are gettin accused lmao


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