Khia's ghetto reality show

Khia was filming a reality show with the hopes of it VH1 and MTV picking it up (which they didn't) but for those interested, you can still check out parts of it (Thank YouTube). MTV and VH1 missed the boat with this one. I won't even throw BET's name up into the mix, because this shit is too black for BET. Check out this ghetto ass clip right here...

Khia is actually wearing a bra. There's a first. She's usually sweeping floors with them titties.

Khia's 4th studio album Khia Shamone aka Motor mouf is due to drop this year. It'll be a 2 disc album, and God knows where you'll be able to buy it from. Ring her or e-mail her, and I'm sure she can tell you.


  1. Woah. Sterotype made real. Too black for the internet.

  2. WOOOOWWW! that was too much - i really didn't need all those hood n***as (in j's words) doing shout outs with their snaggleteeth.

    on the other hand, when i look at khia, i can't help but think how good she would be to play shug avery in a new version of "the color purple." only without the singing...anyone agree?

  3. haha LMAO!!!! why did nobody pick this up?!?
    she is just TOO funny lmao
    Sadly im kinda lovin her atm lol
    "been a bad girl" has been played by me 24/7! lol


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