Kumi looking mile high hot for Air Koda

Kumi looks mile high hot on working on Air Koda
I'd fly Air Koda every time if it were a real airline.

I bet if Kumi Koda was an air stewardess, she'd be the best ever. She'd sweetly pour you some juice, fetch you a blanket so your tootsies don't get cold, fetch your laptop and PSP from your overhead locker for you, fluff your pillow and then slip you a card that says Meet me in the toilet 20 rows back at 1AM so she can sex the hell out of you and give head with a mouth on her that sucks better than a plane lavatory.

I'd like to see Kumi Koda on tour one day. Alongside Ayumi Hamasaki, she's one of few J-chicks in the game who goes all out with their shows. Performing an extensive set list of songs and bringing the on-stage spectacle: with outfits, screens and gizmo's that look like they cost enough to run a country for a year. But most importantly, she sounds great live.

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  1. Thoughts on 1st paragraph

    Ok seriously dude, you need to get laid. Normally your sex fantasties about J-pop stars are funny to read but this is one step too far. Seriously, I'm worried about you man ;-)

    Thoughts on 2nd paragraph

    I've seen a couple of Ayumi's and Koda's live performances and they sound great, plus their sets and dancers are usually over the top and fun to watch! I feel the same way about Mindless Self Indulgence and Rammstein - I may not love their whole discography but apparently their shows are meant to be wild!


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