Kylie's Aphrodite

Kylie Minogue: Aphrodite
Kylie Minogue's set to release her 11th studio album this year, and has gone all Greek style with the album cover and its title. I can't stand the name of the album. When I see it written I just think of Kylie with a d**k. But I'm sure her fans will love it, given the what it means in relation to Kylie. She looks very nice on the cover. It's great to see that her hair has grown right back out again.

Producers set to be working on Aphrodite include Xenomania (Sugababes' "Round, round", Girls' aloud's albums), Calvin Harris (Dizzee Rascal's "Dance wiv me", Kylie's "In my arms"), Jake Shears and Babydaddy of Scissor Sisters, Richard Stannard (Spice girls' "Spice up your life", Kylie's "Love at first sight"), Greg Kurstin (Lily Allen's It's not me, it's you), Stuart Price (Madonna's Confessions on a dance floor) and RedOne (you know what this guy's responsible for). Although, only Calvin Harris, Stuart Price and the Scissor Sisters crews' contributions have been confirmed to making the album as I post this.

I'm wary of Xenomania because I just have this horrible feeling that whatever Brian Higgins and Miranda Cooper give Kylie is going to sound like Girls aloud. Everything they do now sounds like a Girls aloud song. They even morphed the Sugababes' sound into Girls aloud's with crap like "Red dress" and "My love is pink". Calvin Harris will be a good look if he manages to give Kylie something within the same level of hotness as he gave for X's "In my arms".

I thought Kylie's X album was pretty crap. The only 3 songs on it I liked were "In my arms", "Speakerphone" and "Nu-di-ty" (both of which sounded like hot leftovers from Britney's Blackout). So she needs to be on her A-game for this album and just do what she does best.

Aphrodite is released on July 5, with its lead single "All the lovers" set to drop in June.


  1. haha if lady gaga dropped an album called Aphrodite id be thinkin the same thing (gaga with a dick) but kylie is aaaaall woman :P lol
    lol seriously though i like the title (maybe just because im a history geek lol) and she looks amazing on the cover, that dress is amazing!
    judging by the song she performed on her US tour ("better than today")which she said would be on the album and a leaked track that apparently didnt make the cut ("broken hearted
    /love love love") I think she's back on top form and Aphrodite will be better than X.
    I can't wait to hear the single! ^_^


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