Lady Gaga performs "Telephone" on Music station

Lady Gaga performs 'Telephone' on Music Station
Lady Gaga touched down in Japan a few days ago, rocking her usual so un-functional it's not even funny super high plat-formed heels and a £3,000 dollar Birkin bag with messages scrawled all over it. It's crazy how Lady Gaga's arrival into Japan was crazier than her performance, which was incredibly tame...

Nothing amazing. I don't know what it is about Japan that seems to drain Lady Gaga's energy on stage. Last time she was on Music station a year ago she seemed so sedate. And whilst she was on better form this time, it was not as electric as we know Lady Gaga can be. She was looking pretty hot in the sparkly catsuit thingy, and dammit I'm feeling the yellow hair.


  1. she looks just like madonna here...

  2. She does doesn't she... During that whole Dick Tracy era.


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