Lee Hyori's 2010 comeback stage

Lee Hyori's 2010 comeback stage
After a year of absence from the music game, Hyori made a comeback on Mnet countdown. I won't call it 'explosive', because it really wasn't. Bitch did not bring it like I thought she would...

"Want me back" performance

"Chitty chitty bang bang" performance

I know fans are glad to have their Queen Hyori back again. But I've gotta be real: These performances were not that great. Hyori looked hot as she always does (ain't no bitch touching her with the fly ass style. Not even The Forehead). But Hyori wasn't selling it to me. "Chitty chitty bang bang" was big and loud, and had enough flashing lights to cause a seizure. But Hyuna did all this shit with "Change" and (dare I say it) did it better. Oddly enough, it was the performance of "Want me back" which I leaned more towards because I liked the song, and Hyori's understated dance moves and the simplicity of the performance said more than the loud as hell "Chitty chitty bang bang" performance did

I think Hyori's music game is mad overrated. But she's still a fly bitch I'll check for.


  1. are u gonna do a review on her album???
    Cause You should she has some good songs


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