Lee Hyori's H-Logic gets swept up in a gangsta ass plagiarism case

'I will not go on YouTube and jack beats for Lee Hyori' [by Random J ;P]
The primary producer behind Lee Hyori's album H-Logic is in some deep ass doo-doo. Because it turns out that half of Lee Hyori's album which he claimed to have produced and composed has been plagiarized. In this day and age, potential plagiarism in music is quickly brought to light. Because as we full know, people take to YouTube with the quickness to prove the points in case. And in the case of H-Logic, somebody is downright guilty.

The first song to get called out for plagiarism was "Bring it back" a collaboration with a member of both After school and 4 minute. According to Canadians answer to The Pussycat dolls Cookie couture - they had written and recorded the song a couple of years ago, and have no idea who Banhus (the plagiarist) is. According to Banhus, he'd written the song and produced it 5 years ago. Hyori's record label's official statement is that...
We were already aware that the guide version of the demo song was up on YouTube before the release of her 4th album. Bahnus had already made these songs 4 – 5 years ago and had sold them. However, the problem was, he then made recordings of the guide and distributed the demo CDs. Also, it is also said that the vocalists who recorded for the CD all possess a copy of it.
This story has holes in it. But for the sake of it, let's say this shit is true. It still doesn't explain how the hell every other song he gave Hyori for her album were note for note plagiarized, with no mention of the original artists in the inlay. I'd love to hear he and Mnet's statement for these.

Listen to all of the song comparisons below, and prepare to feel shocked and a little disgusted that artists songs got jacked so unashamedly. You can't even use the term ripped off, because literally: the only difference with 4 of Hyori's songs in comparison to the original is that the lyrics are sung in a different language.

Listen: I'm back / So insane
Lee Hyori's "I'm back"...

Lil' Precious' "So insane"

Listen: Feel the same
Lee Hyori...

Melanie Durrant...

Listen: Bring it back
Lee Hyori...

Cookie Couture...

Listen: Swing
Lee Hyori's" Swing"...

Milkis Theodorakis' "The train leaves at 8"...

Listen: How did we
Lee Hyori featuring Daesang...

Jason Derulo featuring Auburn...

Listen: Memory / The alphabet song
Lee Hyori's "Memory"...

Second person's "The alphabet song"...

Several of the songs in question were previously released by artists on CD's and via downloads. So the whole No, we bought the rights to the song argument is not going to fly here.

I've scoured the inlay for H-logic, and only "How did we" see's the mention of original songwriters and composers. However, whilst the song "How did we" samples The lover speaks' "No more I love you's", Lee Hyori's version is based on a track on which Jason Derulo had written and J.R Rotem had produced. Yet, neither Jason Derulo or J.R Rotem are listed as songwriters. "How did we" has been confirmed to having only been recorded by Jason Derulo for demo purposes. But Jason and J.R still should have been credited, as they did contribute to the song which made its way onto H-Logic. Another track on the album "Swing" also see's the name dropping alluding to some talent outside of the Banhus vacuum stables. But whilst some well known musicians are credited on "Swing" (namely Harry Gregson Williams), there is nothing stating that the song contains interpolations of Mikis Theoradorakis' composition for "The train leaves at 8".

Bahnus best get himself a good lawyer, because right now he is knee deep in doo-doo. To take other artists' material and not give them credit is obviously wrong. And it's also making Hyori a victim too. I'm not going to call her out as a plaigarizer, because the only song Hyori contributed to was "Chitty chitty bang bang" (which she wrote the Korean lyrics to). She was played some songs by Bahnus, she picked her favourites, and she recorded them. There's no way she could have known the songs were jacked unless Banhus straight up told her or Twittered her the YouTube links. Put yourself in Hyori's shoes. If a producer played you a bunch of songs, all of which were not songs you'd heard before: you'd just assume the producer was the one who was responsible for them. You wouldn't question them. This is still is not a good look for her though. Especially as she got swept up into a plaigarism scandal for her song "Got ya!" sounding a little too similar to Britney's "Do somethin'". Although that case seems like a joke now compared to this one.

Half of Lee Hyori's album being a result of some dude YouTubing for songs is a bad look. I guess the only good thing to come out of this is that the plaigarized songs in question are giving the original artists some spotlight. I'll Banhus the credit he failed to give the artists and personnel he jacked: he knows to to pick good songs.


  1. HA! Brilliant image! Bravo J for your excellent photoshop skills and sense of humour *claps*

  2. haha i know! that image is so funny i was like wtf?! ^_^
    seriously though this is a pretty low thing to do and i feel bad for Hyori becaused hes kinda tainted her comeback :(
    All the same i cant get over "sway" i love that!

  3. OH NO!! not again! when i was enjoying most of the songs in the album only to find out another plagiarism ish.. Love ur article (^_^ )

  4. beat jacking has gone international thanks to youtube lol.

  5. bahnus got some good beat REMAKING skills.


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