Man coughs. Christina wants him shot.

Was she joking or not? I don't know. But either way, she still came off like a bitch. So much so, that she should change the name of her album to Bionic bitch. Hey, perhaps for the re-release.

She should thank the guy that coughed. Because nothing she was saying was interesting up until she commented on his coughing anyway. Dude should have known a little better though. You can't be interviewing stars and then be coughing all up in the background for the mic's to pick up.

I don't know what it is about Christina, but she seems to have a hard time talking about her album without babbling into nonsense. Every radio interview I've heard, or short on-set interview I've seen: it's like she's having trouble making a point about her album. What gives?


  1. AHAHA shes such a bitch and i love it :P
    Even if she was serious who cares? its better than all the fake love Gaga throws out lol
    Seriously I have "back to basics" which is really good and ive always been a bigger Britney fan but for some reason im so EXCITED to get Bionic! =S

  2. C'mon now. Don't be silly because you're falling out of love with Gaga. Because I bet if Lady Gaga was to do the same thing, you'd call her out, would care, and not love it so much.

    I didn't think Back to basics was all that great. I listened to it maybe once or twice, and then never touched it again. The only song on it I 'loved' was "Without you". I much preferred Stripped as a whole.

  3. haha your right that id probably call gaga out but only coz of all the bs theyre saying about christina copying her...
    secretly i would love the bitchness lmao
    its not even gaga im falling out of love with or her music which i still think is good but its so annoying that i cannot go on any female singers video without seeing "shes stealing gagas style" its getting so annoying that its putting me off her too :P

  4. Wow! I would not want to work with her, thankfully whilst being at GMTV I've only worked with some of the nicer celebrities, but knowing that one day I'll have to work with someone like her does not make me smile at all.


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