Mariah back in the studio with Dupri working on album 13!

Mariah and JD, back in the studio for album number 13 [by Random J ;P]
Fresh off the back of a flop album and a scrapped remix album, Mariah is in the studio with long term collaborator Jermaine Dupri and Bryan Michael Cox. She had mentioned before she was heading back into the studio to work on something top secret, but now the pussy is out of the bag and back in the studio. Mariah has started recording her 13th studio album.

I have mad love for Miming Mimi. I'm one of the 72 people in the whole wide world that actually went out and bought Glitter. But she need's to sit down and start acting right before she goes recording another album. Unless of course under the wings of Dupri and Cox she can knock out 14 tracks all as hot as the grossly misused "100%". But I doubt it. We're just gonna get a whole album of "I stay in love", "Cruise control" and filler with piano's, harpsichords and an interlude which has her screaming over a rhodes piano and birds. Bitch is too predictable. I will cop the next album she drops without fail. But I'm not that excited about it given how messy her last 2 albums were in terms of roll out.

The worst thing is that E=MC² and Memoirs of an imperfect angel were good albums. They both had no shortage of single choices which could have been big hits. But Def Jam f**ked up. And despite Mariah having the resources and the money to take control of her own shit - she didn't and allowed Def Jam to screw over 2 albums in a row. So if Mariah is serious about this next album (which she seems to be considering she's recording it already) then she needs to either...
  • Have words with that n***a L.A Reid
  • Have a back-up plan and be prepared to fund her own shit and get the singles and music videos out at the right times.
A new style wouldn't go amiss neither. But getting Mariah to actually dress appropriately more than 50% of the time is like trying to get Madonna to close her legs during a performance: it ain't gon' happen.

There's no guarantee this album will release this year, as we know how Miming Mimi likes to take longer to do things than everybody else. But I hope she works with some new producers. Danja, The Runners, Rodney Jerkins and Robert Smith all need to hit up Mimi on Twitter and book studio time. I actually wouldn't mind Jam and Lewis or Walter Afanasieff coming back into the fold to give Mariah a big ballad. I need some re-affirmation Mariah can still throw it back to her old ballads - 'cos Lord knows she tested me with that re-recording of "Hero" and "I want to know what love is". Jermaine and B.Cox also need to throw shit back to "Sweetheart", "Always be my baby" and do how they did for "100%" and Monica's "Love all over me".

Reviews of Mariah's Def Jam flops: Memoirs of an imperfect angel | E=MC²


  1. This is good news. I still spin E=MC² occasionally. Most of the songs come correct. I'm hoping for the same outcome on this new record.

    I didn't give Memoirs much of a chance... I didn't like the idea of Mariah working with Tricky and the Dream on a whole album just because her lead single produced by them was a hit. Let's be real, if it had been Danja's song that was the lead single for E=MC², she would have gotten a whole album with HIM and I'd have bought it.

    Enough venting. Hope to see some magic happen on this next album. No more cheap tricks.

  2. Don't get me thinking about the thought of Danja and Mariah for a whole album... *sigh* "Migrate" went to WASTE! Absolute waste. I don't know what it is about Danja's productions that result in them getting shitted on as singles. I really don't. D'ya know what... I'm gonna put on "Migrate" right now and snap some fangas to that shit. I haven't heard it in a good while.

    *goes and plays "Migrate"*

  3. Ok I'm seriously excited about this! As far as I'm concerned Memoirs was one of the best albums of 2009 and I just ca't understand how the label came with amazing management and videos etc with Emancipation and then completely screwed over E=MC2 & Memoirs especially when Emancipation sold 10M copies!!! wtf?!?
    On a (more) serious note you are right if the label don't come with the goods then Mariah needs to dip her hands into her own (very deep) pockets!
    Also unless she's pregnant she gotta lose weight and I don't even care if she's carrying extra pounds but sadly most do so it's just a fact.


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