Mariah to leave Def Jam?

Mariah wolk's it out! [by Random J ;P]
Reports are surfacing once again that Miming Mimi could may be leaving Def Jam. Uh-oh. This rumour has been flying for a good while. And I know Mariah must have been seething at L.A Reid signing J.Lo, given how Mariah had been very vocal about her ex Tommy Mottola pretty much using J.Lo to cop block her songs once she left Columbia records.

If Mariah did choose to leave Def Jam, I wouldn't blame her. Because L.A Reid is a mess. He f**ked over 2 good albums of hers. In fact, he seems to be f**king up everybodies albums at Def Jam - even The Forehead's! Albums never seem to enjoy as much of a run as they potentially could and get cut prematurely, save for 1 or 2 exceptions (The emancipation of Mimi and Good girl gone bad).

Mariah will need to be careful if she does decide to leave Def Jam, because the last thing she wants is to end up in the same situation she was in when she left Columbia for Virgin. The grass looked greener until bitch dropped Glitter and set those pastures alight with it. And to be fair, there aren't a great deal of better labels around. Every label seems to be whack and f**king up albums these days. From Columbia, to Epic, to J records. I think Lady Gaga is the only chick in the game right now who is managing to get the perfect singles released at the best times.

I think Mariah is going to need to be willing to pay out of her own pocket for music videos and giving her albums the full stretch they deserve. I say she stays with Def Jam, but always has a back up plan to push her own shit when L.A Reid decides to stall. She's fortunate to have the money and resources to do so if need be. Because it's becoming clear L.A Reid no longer has a clue, which means Mariah herself is gonna need to get one.

Mariah's leaving...for Def @ The Mirror


  1. I was thoroughly pissed when Danja's "Migrate", which was supposed to get the single treatment, got shelved. That tipped me off to the fact that someone was playing around, because that single would have put fall 2008 on fire.


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