Monica on Lopez tonight

Monica on 'Lopez tonight'
Top R&B bitch Monica (I'm sure she won't mind me calling her that, with her bad ass number 1 selling self) appeared on Lopez tonight to show other bitches how you rock a 4-inch heel and be looking slim and slender after 18 years in the game, 2 kids and a break-up. Monica has been looking on-point as of late and has been coming off so nice and warm in interviews. I feel like I'm falling in love with Monica in a way I never really did before.

Check out her cute interview and performance after the jump.

Interview on Lopez tonight

I'm glad Monica's cleaned up her look. Because she was going through a phase where she was looking way too hood for her own good. I will never ever forget when home girl turned up to a red carpet event with dogs. Actual dogs. Ghetto ass dogs on leashes and shit. So she's come a long way. That image was always going to narrow her appeal if she kept on it.

"Everything to me" performance on Lopez tonight

"Everything to me" is a nice song and Monica did a great job with the performance. But I'm kinda sick of the song now. Probably because I've been listening to Still standing for a hot minute and prefer many of the other songs on the album to it. It's good that Missy hooked Mo up though. Missy could do with this kind of success, if and whenever she chooses to come back from under that rock she's been hiding under.


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