Music video: Ayumi Hamasaki - Don't look back

Well that video was nice and depressing for an Easter Bank holiday afternoon! It reminded me a lot of the depressing, duality, death themed music videos Ayumi ran with for Rainbow But it was a really good video. One of the best from Rock 'n roll circus, alongside the Heaven's postman themed "Ballad" video.

I wasn't keen on the song when I heard the clip of it in the Panasonic commercial. But having heard it in full, I rather like it. Cheesy Arabian vibe, and iffy banshee warbles on the chorus and all.

I really am wondering at this point why the hell Ayumi Hamasaki named this album Rock 'n roll circus. I know it's just an album title. But with a name like that, you'd think the sound would be somewhat conceptual and tie-in with the name. Given half the album has been released in the form of PV's - at least people know what their in for, and that it's as far from a Rock n roll circus as you could get.


  1. I actually liked the song but you're right t is kind of depressing lol
    Ayu has a kind off old fashioned voice and this is the kind of song that suits it best.
    The video was interresting but I still came out of it wondering wtf she isn't meant to be looking back on lol
    is she some shakes wife pissed that she got married or something? oh well whatever :P
    I'm gonna buy her next level album this week or next week because i remembered how much i love "days/green", "Rule/Sparkle" & "next level" ^_^


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