Music video: Ayumi Hamasaki - Sexy little things

A prelude to the "Microphone" video. Nice! This concept of video is not new to Ayumi. She touched on a similar feel with "Sparkle". But them Gaga comparisons are still gonna fly.

The video was pretty boring on the whole. The start and the end were as fly as f**k. But the inbetween? Boring. My interest was piqued with the plug socket bleeding, and Ayumi strutting in those 'yo' ass is gonna end up in a wheelchair because of them' platformed heels. Then I lost interest after 2 minutes of Ayumi vouging in a couple of bad wigs and hiding her Robot face with her hand.

I like the song though. It alludes more to the circus dealio in her Rock 'n roll circus album title. This is the kind of electro pop that really suits Ayumi. Not that overblown shit which featured on Next level.

Thanks to Luke for the heads-up on this video.


  1. oh wow i got a head up! ^_^ thanks lol

    yeah i agree with what you said, when i saw the plug bleeding i was like "this is ayu?!?" and the shoes! lol
    the whole thing has a "bad romance" vibe (vid wise) especially the bit with all the people sitting around but i dont think its ripping off for ripping offs sake, Ayumi knows what shes doing and buy getting the comparisons flying its just more publicity.
    i'm actually listening to a ton of her songs at the moment and i'm impressed, i never really paid her much attention but she has been through all sorts of genres and writes all her own lyrics too which i never knew :P
    I have a feeling that "rock n roll circus" is gonna be bigger than "next level" for sure ^_^

  2. Yeah, she writes her own shit. It's something she's always gotten props for at a time when a lot of J-Pop artists didn't.

    I've never been a huge fan of Ayumi Hamasaki. There were periods when everything she was doing was sounding the same. But the first song by her that I heard and thought Okay, THIS is hot and made me take (some) notice was Rainbow's "Real me" - which I still play to this day.

    I dunno about Rock 'n roll circus being bigger than Next level. But it's certainly sounding better.

  3. Okay.. It's A nice.. So, I like The First Song Ayumi Hamasaki..


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