Music video: Christina Aguilera - Not myself tonight

The whole time I watched this video, I was thinking: Is this really all she's going to go for? I feel like Christina was trying too hard and spinning too many plates in this video. Rather than go overblown with about 20 different looks and scenes, she should have just gone with the 3 or 4 best ones, kept it simple, and had it be all about slutting it up throughout a dance routine. Dominatrix Christina and her clones was a great look. That definitely should have had more screen time and had a killer routine worked around it.

The video was jumping around so many uninteresting set-ups that I quickly lost interest. It was like watching 2 separate music videos once the rain scene kicked in. The flow of the video just felt buggered to me.

Dominatrix Christina and '1930's styled Bionic album cover Christina' at the very start were the only parts of this video I really really liked. Everything else was dusty. Gaga did a lot of this shit in her "Bad romance" music video and did it better, and so did Beyoncé for "Green light". This video does not make me like the song any more than I did when I first heard it.

Hype Williams is really falling off with his music videos. He used to be the bomb. Now it's like he went off and he's working with scraps of his former self.


  1. I totally agree. I thought I was going to love the video at the beginning, but as it went out, it just started feeling very desperate. I know I'm going to get heat for this, but I have to bring up the GaGa resemblance. And not even GaGa, but Madonna as well. It was just very derivative, and maybe that was the point? Christina wasn't herself afterall, lol.

  2. Ok i'm gonna be objective *deep breath* Overall I do like the vid but I think you're right that there's to many outfits. She shoulda stuck with the opening/Bionic look, the dominatrix with girls, black cut out dress, gold leotard thing, red lingerie and white pvc/big hair combo (the hottest look i think).
    The video did seem to be like annother vid after the rain scene and for me the second part was way hotter she got on that guy good and even managed a bit of product placement lol
    tbh although I think christina intentially made this vid to get gaga comparisons and therefor PUBLICITY/PROMOTION there arnt really that many actual similarities the red lingerie and glasses (neither of which gaga was the first to wear), the man on the bed (what video doesnt have one?) and the big hair (which christina did way back when anyway) but she knows what shes doing anyway.
    Overall its a better vid than "Keeps getting better" got and its quite good but i hope for something spectacular for the next single andd cant wait for the album to drop!!!!! ^_^


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