Music video: Ciara featuring Ludacris - Ride

Ciara's body is so on point it's enough to make grown men and women cry. And then there's the moves... The hip work, the booty work and the foot work: ain't no chick in the game touching Ciara with the moves. The way she works her body is just Wow! CiCi knows how to work everything from the neck down to make dudes feel hungry. The only thing she missed out was a weave thrash. That would have sealed the deal nicely. Ya know me: p***y pops and weave thrashes always get my seal of approval.

Dance moves aside though, the video wasn't all that great. I might watch it once or twice more just to sit in awe of Ciara's body and watch her get lower than low. But overall it was pretty boring. You watch it, you hand it to her for the dancing, and then you're just on to the next one.

I liked how the song was re-edited though. Ciara pulled this same shit with her "Like a boy" - where-in the music video edit of the song was better than the album version. The extra sound effects and the way in which the song ended made it better. Not miles better, but still better.


  1. Is this girl a one trick pony or what (no pun intended). Is s*x the only thing she sings about? She's not the greatest singer but she could at least try to broaden her range of music.

  2. hmm strangely the video made the song seem more boring to me :P
    tbh i didnt even think the dancing was all that either and she lookes like a lady(boy)in that fur coat >.<
    sorry but i miss the old crunk ciara from "goodies" or even the ciara from "the evolution"... sadly i think dancing with the stars lays ahead of her.


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