Music video: Drake - Over

I sometimes wonder why some songs even bother to be radio edited, when it's so damn clear what's being said. ♪ I know way too many people here right now that I didn't know last year. Who da ***k are ya'll ♪. Oh, I wonder what word got dropped there!!

I don't think "Over" will blow up and cross over how "Best I ever had" did, but it'll do well with those wanting a hungry ass rap songs. Or alternatively, those that like songs on Yeezy vibe. Because let's face it: "Over" sounds like some Kanye ish, and he probabaly would have rapped Drake under a bed if he was given the beat. Still a hot song in Drake's hands though. I love the production.

The editing in the music video really is something. It's what makes the whole thing. Paying somebody to edit it probably cost more than the video itself, because it was pretty much just a projector in a hotel room. Everything was in the editing.

Did anybody else think the chick in the video looked like a cross between Keyshia Cole and Beyoncé?


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