Music video: Iconiq - Bye now!

I liked what Iconiq came with for "I'm lovin' you", but this right here is the one. Hot summer bounce, catchy hook and a nice, simple video. I've been a little disappointed by some of the J-game's R&B music videos, but this was a hot lil' ditty of a video. The dancing was simple, but cute. I like how a little grinding got worked into the routine. (You know me, I love a bit of grinding!) And the whole Tron deal towards the end was a cool switch up.

Iconiq showed Cheryl Cole how you work a red military cap and effortlessly drop a nice little dance routine without looking like some cheap tramp. Bitch needs to go siddown.

"Bye now!" is already on my playlist for the Summer. It's like a heavier hitting full Japanese version of Crystal Kay's "I can't wait". I love it!


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