Music video: Lee Hyori - Chitty chitty bang bang

It's fitting that this music video starts off in a scrap yard, because it signals what the song is to me: Garbage. I hate it. Absolutely hate this song. The video on the other hand was pretty cool. Hyori was killing every single look dead.

Lady Gaga's name has been all up in people's mouths concerning this video. And whilst I'm hearing them, I didn't think Wow, she catted Gaga! when I watched the whole; because there was so much going on and so many different styles, it was more like a melting pot of lots of different artists and ideas. I was seeing elements of Janet Jackson, P!nk, Ciara... Shit. I was even seeing Smallville and The fifth element in this music video! It was so much more and bigger than just 'copying Gaga'.

I like that Hyori came with a music video that had a concept which went further than a video on a sound stage which looks like it was shot in front of a giant PlayStation 3 or Nintendo Wii with LED lights flashing about the place. Because we know how YG, SM and JYP entertainment be sharing them music video sets around like old furniture.


  1. Have to say I never thought I'd hear another song named chitty chitty bang bang. How odd.^_^

  2. This track reminds me of U Go Girl... but jumbled and messy :p


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