Music video: M.I.A - Born free

[Note: This music video features graphic violence]

I can't stand the song. And I'm unsure about the video. The content of the video places it in a catch 22 for me. Because whilst I can understand that the graphic violence was necessary for shock value and making a point, I also feel it completely overshadowed whatever message was at the heart of it. All I could think after watching it was That kid getting blown up by the mine made me feel sick. And judging by some of the comments lurking around YouTube it seems whatever message there was has also been turned into jokes about ginger genocide.


  1. I was about to watch it, and then I read the thing about "ginger genocide".

    Not cool! Q_Q

  2. The kid that was shot in the head got me. Everything after was just...too much.

  3. I couldnt even watch it to the end because it was so boring so i missed all the kids getting blown up =S
    MIA takes herself too seriously i swear, she has some good songs but mostly she just shouts random crap all the time which gets old....


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