Music video: Misono - 0 ji mae no Tsunderella

I want to like this song. But Misono's vocals are so thin, screechy and annoying, that it makes it really hard. And if the vocals weren't bad enough, the over acting in one of her sisters' throwaway wigs and cast off clobber from her "You" video just adds to the hurt.

Universe was missing a really nice, big ballad (Siddown! to anybody who says there was "Alive" - that bullshit song) and Kumi Koda could have done with this. She sure as hell would have sounded better. Even a bunch stray Cats fighting over a chicken bone in a skip would have sound better.


  1. omg that is SERIOUSLY bad lol
    it sounded like a good song and you're right Kumi would have been really good on it but Misono?!?
    please my ears are still bleeding lol #_#

  2. Kumi covered this song in her eternity love and songs ablum. I don't why you didn't review cuz it the best album Kumi has ever done.


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