Music video: Perfume - Fushizen na girl

Very nice indeed! The Michel Gondry-esque video was cute and captured the playful and bubbly feel of the song perfectly. Nocchi was working the sex in this video. It was difficult to capture amongst the gangsta bad dance steps and unflattering as hell dresses and shoes the girls were rocking, but it was there. Nocchi (the one with the short bob) was selling sex with her facial expression at the very start. And there was something pretty fly about the way she was bustin' out the vogue style choreography at the 2:33 mark.


  1. I seriously love perfume ^_^ those, crystal kay, utada and kumi are the ones that got me into j pop.
    I havnt heard a song from perfume that i didnt like and this is no exception but tbh i wasnt feeling the vid it was kinda boring 0_o
    i agree with what your saying, everytime i see them im thinking "will somebody take them f***ing shoe shopping?!?" lol
    its a cute song though and im looking forward to more from them ^_^


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