Music video: Toni Braxton - Make my heart

Well, somebody was looking hot!

"Make my heart"'s music video was directed by long term pal Billie Woodruff, who has directed quite a few of Toni's music videos over the years'. Most notably "Un-break my heart" and "He wasn't man enough for me".

The video wasn't anything amazing. But it had great energy about it, and everybody was gettin' it in with the dancing. I love how you got such a mad mix of people. From straight dudes to gay dudes. White guys, Black guys, Asian guys. Skinny chicks, big chicks, thick in the middle chicks. Even some Churched up looking old chicks. But it got a little old after a while because the song feels like it's so long despite only clocking in at 3 and half minutes.

Toni did her thing in that bodysuit. A 42 year old mother of 2, and she be putting chicks half her age to shame!


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