Music video: VI (Seungri) featuring G-Dragon - Strong baby

This is a poor Korean version of "SexyBack" with a bit of "My love"'s video, but I like it. I like it a lot! Who knew Seungri could swag?! The guy cannot dance for shit. But he was still looking mightily studly in the video; with some help from G-Dragon who always manages to make any guy within 5 meters of him look more manly and masculine by default.

Newly enrolled University student Seungri was always going to get pregraduate poontang thrown at him by the virtues of being in a popular K-idol boy band. But after this song and this video, Seungri's going to have to be tazering the flocks of poontang just to get around.

"Strong baby" has been banned by KBS because of the use of the word crack. It's pretty clear that the song is not referring to drugs, and that the context of crack is used in the song as the onomatopoeic noise of a woman's booty getting clapped by a dude's hand. Although, I'm not sure if that's any better. The prospect of young Korean girls running after Seungri in the street yelling "Gimme da crack!" is pretty funny though..


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