Perfume perform "Fushizen na girl" @ Music Japan

Perfume perform 'Fushizen na girl' @ Music Japan
Perfume performed a shortened version of their new single "Fuzushen na girl" on Music Japan. I would call it a live performance, but...

Wow. They sound just like the CD! Probably because that is exactly what played whilst these girls did their 12 year old dance party shimmy on the stage.

I am liking "Fushizen na girl". I'm a sucker for a slickly produced slice of pop, and "Fushizen na girl" ticks many of the right boxes. It's not my favourite Perfume song (it's all about the "Polyrhythm"). But it's nice for the summer, and the hook features a nice slice of Engrish to sing along to when shit fails with the Japanese.


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