Robyn performs "Fembot" live

Robyn performs 'Fembot' live
Robyn has been grinding with the promotion of her Body talk album, and she made an appearance on Skavlan to perform her song "Fembot". Robyn was on fire, looked cute and as though she was having a blast. The crowd on the other hand looked bored stiff. I've honestly seen more life at a funeral. No word of a lie. Shit was poppin' at my friends' grandmother's funeral a few months back. Seriously. Shit was like The Forehead's "Rude boy" video.

I wasn't too hot on this song until I saw this performance of it. It's a shame she currently has no plans to release it as a single, because it has hit potential written all over it. The song is on that fun loving pop ish that Ke$ha is on, only Robyn is actually talented and has some substance to her which goes beyond singing about being some drunk ho at a party who don't brush her teeth with nothing but bottles of alcohol.


  1. i saw this yestrday i think and i really liked the song at once!
    Robyn looks kinda hot too 0_0 i cant believe its been 5 years since her last album!
    its a bit crazy releasing 3 albums in a year though, maybe crystal kay should take pointers though and put out a full length album this year! -_-


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