Shots of Christina's "Not myself tonight" music video

Aguilera on the set of 'Not myself tonight'Aguilera on the set of 'Not myself tonight'
If Christina is going for the shock factor for the being felt up by hunky guys in a church scene, then she best make like Usain Bolt and run with it. I want to see her p***y pop behind a pew, have a dancer grind her down arsed out over an altar, and kiss a Chinese Jesus. A black Jesus would be more controversial, but Madonna already did that shit.

Christina has already come under Gaga fire for sporting the very same Atsuko Kudo latex bra and skirt combo that Gaga had worn a while back. I won't say anything more on the comparison, other than I think Christina looks better in it. And that I also don't see why you'd pay so much for what is just some tight black garbage back and a plastic bra you could buy for 2 quid at a fancy dress store or a tenner at American apparel.

The music video for "Not myself tonight" is directed by Hype Williams. Now, 10 years ago I would have been excited about this. But Hype's videos have been falling off big time as of late. Nicki Minaj's "Massive attack" is probably one of his best videos over the past couple of years, and that was by no means all that great a video. I guarantee you "Not myself tonight" will have a scene of Christina shot from the waist up behind a coloured background just how Beyoncé was in "Video phone" and Kanye was in "Gold digger", and some epileptic inducing edits will be thrown in for good measure too.


  1. This looks like it's gonna be an amazing vid! ^_^ people need to realise that Christina has been being a dirrty b**** for a decade and just coz a butterface comes on the scene shes not gonna change.
    Besides its like you know who says hater promote its all promotion! haha


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