Sneak peek shot of Christina on the set of "Not myself tonight"

Sneak peek shot of Christina on the set of 'Not myself tonight'
Christina looks hot. I didn't even look at the picture and think She looks like Lady Gaga. Not even once! And I mean that. No joke. She looks similar to how she did back in the "Lady Marmalade" video with the big hair.

There's a part of me that kinda wants Aguilera to slut it out in this video how she did back in "Dirrty" - but take it to the next level. By next level I just mean a better weave, some higher fashion and better looking ho's in her video. Everything else; all the p***y poppin', grinding knee deep in piss, slow whinin' on n***a's and taking it to the floor arsed out - can stay the same.

I've honestly not played "Not myself tonight" a great deal since it leaked. I put the song on my iPod just for the sake of it. But when it got shuffled to in my car, I just skipped the song. I may well have to hear it on a night out or with the video to really feel something for it. But I am starting to get a little anxious to hear the album, so something's working.


  1. wow she does look amazing! I was kind of underwhelmed by "not myself tonight" but it is a good song and sometimes I just don't "get" a song until I see the vid and then I'm hooked.
    I know she's gonna get a lot of hate from gagas fans for the style (who doesn't? even girls that were around before gaga was born and rocked couture get whacked by them!) but this is just a progression of Christina.
    I have her "back to basics" album which I think is AMAZING so I'll definately be getting "Bionic" if only for the cover art! lol >.< #Joke, Christina rules!


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