A teaser of Lee Hyori and her army of Lady Gaga's

This video looks like it's gonna be crazy. Writhing around in a capsule chamber, hi-jacking a bus, running from the police, crazy mish-mashed fashion, p***y popping in the street and an army of Lady Gaga's. Bitch ain't playin'.


  1. wOw! I'm so glad I started reading your posts on Lee Hyori :P
    she knocked me out with "swing" which goes against everything that's big in Korea at the moment but is seriously catchy and really cool too.
    I think I'm gonna like this too if the clip is anything to go by, she's rocking the gaga look better than gaga because she actually has sex appeal too which gaga only had briefly in the "poker face" vid.
    I'm gonna be watching for new stuff from Hyori so don't forget to post more! ^_^


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