Win a dinner date with Kelis!

Seriously! It's exactly as the blog post title says. You can win a dinner date with Kelis!! So click play and listen to Kelis tell you in her cute / sexy voice just how to go about getting a chance to kick it with her in the kitchen...

Now this is a cool little contest. Not only a dinner date with Kelis, but a chance to cook with her too! Kelis has always banged on about how much she loves to throw down in the kitchen, so now a fan witness it first hand.

I can't wait to find out which recipe she picks. It's gonna have to be super fancy or straight up WTF? to catch her attention with the amount of recipes she's bound to receive.

So, you heard the lady! If you're in London and a Kelis fan (or a Kelis hater who just wants her to choke on some nasty shit) gets ta sending!


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