Alicia Keys IS pregnant!

Alicia Keys' baby shower invitation | created by J ;P
After rumours and speculation, it turns out Alicia is pregnant after all! An official statement was made confirming her pregnancy and also her engagement to Swizz Beatz!

I'm really happy for her. I hope shit goes better for Alicia than it did for Mashonda. I'm inclined to direct a chick to track 2 of The diary of Alicia Keys. Taste them apples.

I also hear Alicia might release an EP of unplugged material spanning her past albums alongside her The element of freedom EP. Again, tentative track listing here folks...

  1. Fallin' ~For a next woman's husband~
  2. Ex-Girlfriend
  3. A woman's worth cheatin' on
  4. She was your woman / Mashonda walk on (Bye)
  5. If Mashonda ain't got you
  6. When you really love someone (cheat on they ass)
  7. Grown ass love affair
  8. On to the next one (Part 2)

Alicia Keys baby news @ E! online


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