Ayumi's new double A-side: "Moon" and "Blossom"

Ayumi wants Honda, Ayumi gets free Honda | created by J ;P
Ayumi Hamasaki will be releasing a double A-side single in July. Of course, neither of these songs feature on Rock 'n' roll circus.

The new singles are "Moon" and "Blossom". "Moon" has actually been performed a couple of times on her Rock 'n' roll circus tour. Fans went mad for it and demanded she release it. Now they're getting their wish, along with something extra. We all know that Ayumi doesn't release singles without a product tie-in neither. (Bitch wants to get paid!!) So "Moon" will be used in Honda's Zest spark car ad's (just as "Microphone" was) and "Blossom" will be used in Zespri kiwi fruit commercials. So Ayumi will rolling in free Honda's and have free kiwi fruit juice vending machines outside her house. PAID! I really am going to insist that Ayumi Hamasaki calls her next album MONAY! And that she typesets her name as A¥umi from now on. She don't know about recessions or bubble economies.

The double A-side will release in four editions. Yes...FOUR EDITIONS!

I have one word for the Ayu-fans, and that's broke. She dropped an album a month ago, and already she has a double A-side releasing in four editions. People talk smack about how Beyoncédoesn't know when to sit down with releasing shit, when she doesn't have a thing on Ayumi Hamasaki! There has not been a period where this woman has not released a single, a remix album, a compilation album, a Live DVD or some random music video for the sake of shooting one. Ayumi wouldn't be able to come off of the grind if she was forklifted off of it.

Ayumi's hustle makes Beyoncé and Lady Gaga look like lazy bitches on benefits.


  1. L>M><A<O she is a grafter i swear, DAYUM i do wanna hear them though :P pluss Kiwi's are gross =S


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