Beni performs "Yura yura" | ユラユラ on CDTV

Beni performs 'Yura yura' on CDTV | Live performance
Beni hit up CDTV to perform her latest single "Yura yura". I would have preferred a performance of "Gimme Gimme ♡", but whatever! She's putting in more promo for her single and forthcoming album than her friend Crystal is.

Beni is the kind of artist who looks nice, and sounds nice. But doesn't have that WOW factor that hits you on any level. This performance was nice, but nothing about it really captivated. That DJ in the background looked a fool. I don't know why she was even there, when Beni and just the dancers would have been fine.

With all that said, I do like "Yura yura". Mainly because it sounds so much like a Crystal Kay joint. Beni and Crystal are tight. So CK might have thrown a bitch a song as a favour.

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