Beyoncé's Deréon at C&A commercial

This advert was cheesier than a block of Irish mature cheddar, but the Beyondroid looked hot. They could have picked a more fitting song though. "Single ladies (Put a ring on it)" is now the song which defines Beyoncé alongside "Crazy in love" and is known of worldwide by everybody - so I understand why they chose it. But it really didn't fit the look of the commercial.

I gotta give Beyoncé props for still having this Deréon clothing line. The clothes look crap, you never see anybody wearing it but her and her Mum. But it's obviously doing well enough to still be going strong, and makes the Knowles' some money - so hats and weaves off to her for it. Get that money!


  1. wait just a damn minute!!! when did beyonce start doing front walkovers?! the cartwheel was meh and the wining through the lasers was ok, but a front walkover? WHAAAAT?! she can back bend it out like in "check on it", but i've never seen her finish it! i'm tempted to think that was a body double...if it wasn't, bey betta throw one of them hoes in her next video! i'm still flabbergasted - a front walkover yo!


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