Charice's performance on Oprah

Live performance: Charice performs her debut single 'Pyramid' on Oprah
Enter, Charice. Another 'small girl with big voice from a broken home turned famous' story. And what a voice she has! I first caught wind of her when she first appeared on Korean TV show Star king; where she belted out a couple of classics and sang with one of the 2 members of Super Junior who can actually sing.

Oprah invited Charice back to her show as part of a talented kids special, where she performed 2 songs off of her debut album. I'm really like the song "Pyramid". It has the makings of a smash hit, even if it does sound like shit we've heard before. Witness her talents after the jump.


In this song

Charice has a great voice. Even with all the big notes it didn't annoy me as much as it probably should have. It's just refreshing to have a young girl in the game who can actually sing. But I can't see her blowing up. Unless she's willing to jump on bandwagons, get caught in a scadnal and look a whore in her music videos; she won't go anywhere. Talent doesn't automatically equals big sales and mammoth fanbases any more. A shame, but a reality.

I hope shit works out for her though. She has what the likes of Justin Beiber doesn't have: a killer singing voice. Beiber fans are probably already plotting my death on Twitter because I said that.


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