Christina talks out the side of her mouth about Gaga

Christina endorses Haterade | created by J ;P
Every time Christina thinks she's in her own lane, she finds herself up the bumper of some blonde chick she's being compared to. First Britney, now Gaga. Christina's always made comments on Gaga through some-what gritted teeth, and in her interview with Out magazine she threw shade on Gaga like a rooftop.
[On if she's heard of Lady Gaga...] "Oh the newcomer?" Aguilera chuckles. "I think she is really fun to look at".

[In response to Gaga saying that she herself is art...] "I used to think, my art is me, and it’s just not like that. You can’t be that egotistical".
Yep. Christina's a bitch. But we knew that already.

I love that Christina spoke her mind. I actually hope this shit turns into a fight: Aguilera with the Ecuadorian fire and Gaga with the Italian stank. But Christina can't be throwing shade at Gaga right now when she is releasing rubbish like "Not myself tonight", which sounds no better than these auto-tuned, club tracks that newcomers in the game be dropping (and is no where near as good as Gaga's weakest single). And then dropping that attention seeking 25 different look, female lip locking and pussy popping snoozefest of a video, and then poking fun at how a chick is fun to look at?! No Christina. If you're gonna throw shade, throw it. Say a ho needs to take a break. That she needs to use that telephone hat to phone herself into a clinic because she's a crazy ass bitch. Don't call the kettle black. It just makes you look worse off. Sure, you've been in the game over 10 years. But Gaga's sold over 12 million copies of her debut album in 2. That's not something to just dismiss.

Christina has things to say about Gaga: who despite over saturating the game and how you may feel about her, is doing her thing and has talent. But nothing about the likes of pssscchhh! I dunno: Ke$ha? Probably because she knows Ke$ha will breath willy breathe in her face and blind her with death glitter. I'd love for Christina to run her mouth about a chick like P!nk. She never will though, because she knows P!nk would Stone cold stunner her ass through a public park table.

Christina put a note on her official website regarding Lady Gaga and says that she "thinks she is great". No, I don't believe her either. I wanna see a bitch fight. I want fabric and blonde hair pieces being ripped out and shit.


  1. GaGa is so over done :p Her live game is weak and her music is cheesy.

  2. She never will though, because she knows P!nk would Stone cold stunner her ass through a public park table.

    Bwahahahaha! XD

    And P!nk has made it publicly know she's no fan of Christina.

  3. I bet P!nk was a little pissed when all of a sudden Christina was up in the studio with Linda Perry like they went way back, after P!nk went out of her way to work with her a good year before on Missunderstood. But I KNOW P!nk must have wanted to tear out those blonde hair pieces when she saw Christina was given "Beautiful": a song which Linda Perry had written with the intentions of recording herself, and refused to give to P!nk when she'd asked for it. *lol*

  4. woooooowwww christina. you'd think since she's been in the game for 10 years she would know to just zip those lips and grind her teeth through the gaga questions and comparisons. if it goes any further, you know gaga ain't gon be pulling hair and drawing blood, she'll do it in a roundabout way - write a song about music being a wasteland and have a mannequins (symbolizing christina, ke$ha, etc.) burning in effigy!

  5. tbh she did keep quiet about Gaga for a while but I guess when you've been working on something for like 3 years, you release it and then everybody's saying you're a swagger jacker that's gonna get you pissed and I know I couldnt keep my mouth shut over stuff like that lol
    There is no way Gaga will ever escalate this into a fight becase she is LAME she'd rather sit looking into her empty tea cup than say a word back because she know's XTina would diss her HARD lol
    When Gaga first came out in America i LOVED her I even got my friends onto her before she broke out over in the UK but somewhare along the way she became less about the music and more about the image. Everybody goes on about how tallented she is writing her own stuff but she "Co" writes 99% (which XTina and most others do too) and when i read the fame monster booklet the only songs she wrote herself were "again again" and "Speachless" which are both boring...
    If it wasn't for the clothes (which are getting boring now too) then she wouldn't be this big.
    All i'm saying is that a lot of christina's songs have an actual message and arn't just about riding di** (although she has some of those too! lol) anyway i'm just tired of Gaga swaggerjacking everybody, putting out same sounding crap and wearing things that don't even make me take note except to think what a joke :P
    p.s "the fame" shipped 10m and sold 8m :)

  6. Gaga is overrated, and the clothes are getting old. But you can't just trash her and disregard the fact that she has talent simply because you are tired of her and stan for an artist over her. *lol*

    Gaga writes rubbish, but it's rubbish that charts well. Highlighting that she ONLY co-writes. So what? You can hear the catchy nonsense across every song she does regardless of who she writes with or is producing her song. So she clearly has a strong input into the lyrics of her songs. Only because a bunch of names are listed in a booklet, doesn't mean every person contributed to a song. Producers are often listed as writers on songs they produce by default, even though they don't always write. Look at Beyonce! [eye roll at the whole 'Smash into you' mess]

    For Gaga be able to put herself out there as the 'package' that she has is a talent in itself (even if it was cutting pieces out of magazines and watching MTV performances from the 80's).

    I want the chick to siddown, because I'm getting tired of her too. I've bought Christina albums, but I've not bought a Gaga album because I don't think they're that good. But I won't deny she's been entertaining. And that she has some talent. Talentless chicks for me are the likes of Cassie, Ke$ha (and I'm close to thinking Katy Perry) - who bring NOTHING to the game what-so-ever. Gaga at least brought something.

    I know Gaga is in people's mouths because of Christina, but Damn! Christina should just take the high road and let her time in the music game and vocals speak for her. But she really did herself no favours with her "Genie 2.0" performance way back (as hot to DEATH as she looked) at the MTV awards, and AGAIN with "Not myself tonight". It's almost like she wants the comparisons in people's mouths so she can be asked a question and shoot a bitch down *LOL*

    I just think Christina's album needs to do the talking for her. Because once Bionic drops, I'm sure the comparisons will cease, and the music will separate the two. Just as was the case when Christina was being compared to Britney.

    P.S: The fame has been certified diamond for sales of over 10 million worldwide. STOP with the shade :P

  7. haha i gotta laugh because I wrote a whole essay without even realising it >_<
    Yeah I did come to the realisation that atm I am a Christina stan (how did that happen?!?) and to me in my head being a stan means always saying that the person you stan for is right even if in your head you know it's wrong.
    I'm gonna step out of "stan mode" and say that I do think Christina DID make the NMT vid to get people talking about these comparisons and it kind of backfired on her and now she's pissed. About the whole 2.0 performance you should check this girl called Kirli out because Gaga JACKED HER STYLE HARD when she first came out so i'll let XTina off that (even though at the time I was a Gaga stan and was cursing XTina lol).
    Yeah I wont deny the fact that Gaga has tallent but I just wish she'd let her tallent speak for itself instead of all these gimmicks. I wasn't trying to say she doesn't deserve credit for co-writing either I just meant that most people co write and deserve equal praise. Most people on the street think Gaga 100% writes all her songs which is just wrong and I'm not even gonna talk about Beyonce because she's to far gone lol
    I do agree that Christina needs to just shut up and move on know, she did post a statement on her site and said thats the last she'll speak on it so fingers crossed.
    I have A XTina album (and i'm getting Bionic) but my dad has "the fame monster" (dont ask lol) which i listened too and tbh about 85% of the fame was filler and although Monster has better songs they are maainly same sounding.

    p.s it was certified Diamond for "Shipments" of 10m :P SHADESHADESHADE lmao ^_^

  8. but to be real, christina has been working on this album for a long time and i'm sure when she sits down for an interview, she wants to talk about the work. for the interviewer to ask her questions about gaga is not only irrelevant but a transparent attempt to create drama to sell their story. people love to say "christina should just be quiet" but she's not a doll. yeah, she's in the spotlight, been there for most of her life, but she's still a person. a person known for expressing herself at that. i know i would have something to say. considering that what she did say was probably edited and taken out of context anyway, saying gaga is a "newcomer" and "fun to look at" really aren't that far from the truth. that comment about herself being the art was NOT in reference to gaga. if you read the entire, biased article, the author couldn't even quote that as a question-answer, he just implied that she was talking about gaga because he had his own agenda, obviously. newcomer is not an insult. it's a fact. just because she's sold a lot of records doesn't change the fact that she just got in the game. christina sold a lot of records when she was a newcomer, too.

    it's not an easy thing staying afloat in this industry for ten years. just look around for the people who were on the radio in 2000. where the hell are they now? anyone who still is around gets respect. the hype around gaga is already cooling down; people are tired of the outfits and monotonous tunes and are wondering what else she has to offer. i love the girl, she's hardworking and talented and she knows how to sell her product, but we'll see if she can make it to 2020.

    as far as the "copying" goes, i don't buy it. i honestly don't think christina aguilera has been sitting at home since 2008, watching and studying what gaga has been doing, and trying to emulate her for the past two years. it just doesn't make any sense. it might be fun to say, but let's be real. four years ago, no one was dressing up like a pin-up from the 50s and making soul music unmarketable for radio and fucking up their album sales but christina. gaga can't write her name on anything she does anyway, because it's all borrowed. gaga doesn't even style herself. it's just sad that christina never gets her credit. gaga was able to get all lesbian in the telephone video because katy perry was able to sing about kissing a girl and liking it because christina aguilera and britney kissed madonna in front of the world seven years ago.


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